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                   Tarquinia (VT) - Lazio - Italy






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Who is Biogya Seeds?

Our story begins on a mission that focuses on people, diversity, and sustainability with a purpose of uniting

the public and environment in a harmonious way.

-People are the heart of Biogya. Thanks to great communication and collaboration, we are able to bring

winning solutions to our customers. The diverse background of the community, as well as their passion for

nature, has helped us grow this unique project.

-Diversity, to us, has been a way to offer the industry something new. Although biodiversity has been

handed down for generations from our Italian origin, we are restoring this concept while incorporating a

more human touch. We look at this project as art and the people are our artists.

-Sustainability, a concept of enormous value to us. We are dedicated to reducing environmental impact,

respecting the ecosystem, and economic sustainability. We are committed to keeping this promise of

sustainability to our partners and customers.

Biogya has allowed our passion to become our profession. Watching it grow has been an exciting and

humbling experience.

We thank all the people who have supported and invested in us from the beginning. We are proud of the

100% made in Italy products we have developed, and we are very excited about our future. Together, we

can change for the better.


The idea of Biogya is to bring the passion and the innovation of this company in it’s own work. We believe in people, in their value and in long-term relationships between them. Our mission is to give a new value to biodiversity, nature and our country,  with a 100% Italian research.



The vision of the company is to bring to an higher level the value of the “Made in Italy” in the world, with respect for nature, environment and farmers. We would like to bring well-being and wealth in each link of the of the agri-food chain with innovation and respect of traditions.


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